Crocs x Show Your Softside Campaign

We all have a soft side. And the best way to express it? Rocking our super comfy and ever-expanding Fuzz Collection. Get ready for an "unexpected" cast to showcase the not-so-standard juxtaposition of daily activities loving all things fuzzy.

February 21, 2023


One Campaign, 6 Unique Individuals

By wrangling an eclectic group of people, we focused on juxtaposing the new “fuzzy” product line with traditional, serious, everyday settings. Our goal was to show that anyone has a soft side regardless of job title, role, or status. So we want to introduce you to our riveting cast for this campaign, and we especially want to thank everyone involved. We could not do it without you, from the talent to the Croc’s team to Steven and Andrew.  We hope you enjoy it.

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