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Over the past year, we’ve worked hard behind the scenes on the latest cutting-edge web technologies. We are proud to announce our latest advancement in Movetic and introduce our latest initiative: the Movetic Labs.

November 17, 2022

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Elevating our Technology Stack

Website design & development has been a part of our DNA since Movetic’s inception, and we are excited to take it up another notch. Moving forward, we will focus on developing websites using React & Next JS.

For those that do not know, React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web applications.

This decision is instrumental in ensuring our partners have faster, more dynamic, and richer web experiences. This move also allows us to move beyond the limits of traditional content management systems. Most importantly, it will ensure our partners are market-competitive, as well as meet the growing consumer demands.

The Future of Website Development Pt 1: A Few Words from Trevor McGrath, Developer

Bringing React into Movetic has been a step in our web development journey I’ve been working towards for a long time. Ultimately, I’m excited to be able to elevate our software services into a more cohesive process and bring a ton of value to our clients.

I think a key reason why React has gained in popularity is because when it came to building things on the internet, they took a more flexible and modular approach. A lot of early JavaScript frameworks tried to fit everything into one box so to speak, and have everything your business needs to live under one roof. But in many cases, that can be limiting and monolithic.

React took the opposite approach – the needs of your business are constantly changing, so let’s bring in what you need and work with that. And I think the future of web development will continue in that fashion: being flexible, changing quickly, and adapting over time will be invaluable.

The services you integrate with to power your business, the APIs you use to send data to all those services, and the ways you create content. Brands need to be flexible as time goes on, and by extension, so does your website so that it can scale with the growth of your business.

The Future of Website Development Pt 2: A Few Words from Shawn Quinn, Developer

The future outlook of the web could evolve in many ways. As we discover more advanced tools and programming languages, it is sure to be more embedded in our daily existence, but today, I am proud to release our latest endeavor. 

I’ve developed WordPress sites and custom solutions for years, so I was excited to use React to experiment with new front-end experiences. React has many features, but some of the more intriguing features that caught my attention were its performance, flexible component modularity, and smooth animation rendering.

Beyond only using React, we as a team decided to go a step further and build Movetic Labs with Next.js, testing the advantages of ​​server-side rendering and static site generation and prioritizing SEO.

As a team, we recognized and appreciated how seamless it was to modify components without breaking the others and create pages in Next.js with its file-system-based router. So when a file adds to the pages directory, it’s automatically available as a route (or page) to view. As a result, I am now a keen believer in using Next.js for all my future projects.

Using React for a smoother animation experience was another compelling reason for us to explore. We implemented Framer Motion because it had simple declarative syntax when dealing with the types of animations we commonly utilize, making our code easier to read and maintain. In addition, any component we wanted would be optimized for 60fps in a production build. With so much to create, animate, and learn, it’s easy to be excited about using Next.js and React.

Introducing Movetic Labs

We’re bringing this vision to life with Movetic labs, our scientific breeding ground for outside-the-box thinking, creativity, and experimentation. Starting with four main experiments, we are incredibly excited to release our experimental digital playground built on React & Next JS – where knowledge, technology, and forward-thinking ideas collide.

Experiment #1: What is Branding?

One of the most misunderstood terms in business today is Branding. Yet, it’s the promise you make to your customers, the foundation of your values, and the reason you exist. So check out this experiment as we dive deeper into the elements of a successful brand.

Experiment #2: The Times are A-Changin’

Like Bob Dylan so famously wrote, ‘the times they are a changin.’ This was true in 1964 when he wrote it, and it’s even more true today. Check out the three tactical ways we can help your brand rediscover and reimagine a stronger foundation for the years to come.

Experiment #3: Movetic Origin

A great name instills feelings and emotions. It is distinctive, authentic, and above all else, memorable. Born out of a coffee shop, we developed a lifestyle that challenges the status quo. Learn more about how the name Movetic came to be.

Experiment #4: History of Websites

From the birth of photoshop and search engines to social media, and now Web 3.0 the landscape has drastically transformed. Starting in the early 90s, we explore key design and development milestones that shaped the industry we all know and love.

What’s next starts here

As consumer preferences shift, brands evolve, and industries move, we are excited to champion and empower our partners with the right tools for them to be effective.

As our vision states, we work daily to ignite passion, creativity, and innovation – making the world a more imaginative place, which is one massive step in the right direction. So again, a huge thank you to our partners and team for constantly believing in us as we strategically continually move brands forward.

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