Accumulating Accolades at the ADDYs

No matter how much time passes, we're always amazed by the trust our clients and partners have in us. When we went to the ADDYs last week, we had no idea how much recognition we were about to receive!

March 31, 2023

Company News

The Movetic team met downtown amongst friendly competition at one of our industry’s largest competitions, The American Advertising Awards. Our team humbly celebrated bringing home six trophies. The gold medals won at a San Diego level propelled us to the next, where we will perform against our entire district. We’re proud to share our work that stood out against 30,000 submissions—so keep scrolling to see our bronze, silver, and gold.

Surfline: “Gear Up and Go” Campaign

So first up, we have Surfline. We collaborated with them to launch their online gear shop. This entailed creating a comprehensive digital campaign, “Gear Up and Go” with a clean, yet progressive, look and feel. We paid homage to the brand’s surfer aesthetic with isolated product shots and full-color action and lifestyle media. Dive into our intentional consistency across all channels, from stories to carousels to videos.

Synrje: Packaging

Second up as our first of three Silver winners, we are excited to announce Synjre – a new start-up hitting the stores soon. They approached us to create branding and packaging for their new product, a protein bar that aims to improve the lives of its consumers through the synergy of specific foods and adaptogens. We created approachable packaging that reflects the quality of the product. The colorway and iconography highlights the specific benefits of each bar, making it easy for consumers to grasp. View our packaging people will be proud to hold and consume.

Crocs: “Show Your Soft Side” Campaign

As another winner we are extremely proud to highlight is Crocs – who took home two awards. They commissioned us for photo and video content to launch their latest addition—the fuzzy line. We casted unexpected characters and shot in a range of settings to juxtaposition the shoes with many personalities and daily activities. See our campaign aimed to inspire everybody to (C)rock the super comfy, ever-expanding Füzz Collection.

Crocs: “Love As You Are” Campaign

Crocs also phoned us to create fun, authentic, meaningful content for their 2022 Pride Campaign. The challenge? Having two days to pull together multiple diverse people and capture a true celebration of love through a lifestyle, studio, and video shoot. Through logistical planning, authentic model selection, and a truly fun time, we created multiple forms of content for Crocs to utilize across social, web, and email platforms. Explore it now.

Movetic: Movetic Labs Microsite

Then for our Gold Winners, we took home one for our own experience and one for Oakley. Over the past year, our team worked hard behind-the-scenes on the latest cutting-edge web technologies (React and Next JS). We’re proud to announce our latest advancement: the Movetic Labs—our scientific breeding ground for outside-the-box thinking, creativity, and experimentation. Check out our collision of knowledge, technology, and forward-thinking ideas.

Oakley: “Wander Your Way” Campaign

We partnered with Oakley to create a wide range of in-store point-of-purchase assets to drive sales and increase brand awareness. This included product posters in a variety of sizes for their nationwide locations. They featured sleek and dimensional vector graphics in the signature Oakley style with witty and unique product taglines. View our highly stylized and detailed product photography that showcases Oakley’s products in the best light possible.

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