Securing Awards at the AMA Sandies

Earlier this month, AMA San Diego put on an epic event. It was pretty freaking cool snagging some awards amongst the incredible 100 campaigns that were submitted.

May 30, 2024

Company News

Inside the 2nd Annual Sandie Awards

On May 2nd, 200 San Diego marketers got together at the recently revamped Town & Country Resort for the 2nd annual Sandie Awards, put on by AMA San Diego. The event had an epic mid-century modern theme. We arrived at a pre-party on the awesome Flamingo Lawn and then entered the Ballroom for food and drinks, and most importantly, to marvel at our peers’ work. 

To Josh’s amazement, Movetic won a gold award, and he was invited on stage for a 1-minute acceptance speech! On top of that, he also got to bring home a Silver for the team.

Gold Branding Award: Hurley Real Estate and Auctions

We were humbled to bring home a gold award for our Hurley Real Estate and Auctions rebrand. We revitalized their brand identity, ensuring it effectively communicated their strengths and positioned them as the undeniable leader in their market while capturing the attention and trust of the audience of the digital age.

As a longstanding presence in the Mid-Atlantic, Hurley embarked on a rebranding journey with us to better reflect their unparalleled dedication to maximizing results for sellers and buyers. Despite their 30 years of success, their existing brand fell short in conveying their expertise and unique approach to real estate auctions. Understanding the need to adapt to evolving consumer expectations, we delved deep into their industry landscape and identified their strengths: a meticulous property division strategy and extensive experience across various property types.

Silver Branding Award: Lucky F*ck

We were stoked to bring home a silver for the brand creation of Lucky F*ck. Through eye catching design, bold messaging and a compelling narrative, we aimed to carve out a distinct space for Lucky F*ck in the competitive energy drink landscape, capturing attention and sparking meaningful connections with consumers.

Lucky F*ck, a brand on a mission to revolutionize perceptions of luck, approached us to craft a brand identity that would convey their commitment to creating balanced energy drinks for everyday empowerment. Inspired by the incredible resilience of founder Richard Laver, aka Mr. Lucky, who survived a plane crash against staggering odds, we embarked on a journey to develop a brand that would resonate in a saturated market. Our approach began with a thorough analysis of competitors, identifying a unique position that would appeal to both everyday consumers and active individuals seeking healthier alternatives. With a product offering that combines health and high caffeine content, our branding strategy centered on Mr. Lucky’s inspirational story and his mission to instill perseverance and positivity.

Thank You, From Us to You

Thank you to our partners for always trusting us. To AMA San Diego—congratulations on a successful second annual Sandie Awards! It was truly an incredible event to showcase the talent and creativity within the San Diego marketing community. We’re already looking forward to attending next year!

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