Video Archives with Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary

Welcome to the Video Archives. This cutting-edge podcast, starring Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary, is a deep dive into their favorite movies and shared experiences working together before they hit it big time, and today, we are proud to showcase the work behind the Podcast Trailer with our dear friends at MST.

August 2, 2022


Welcome the Video Archives

When our friends at Motion Standard asked us to collaborate on a project involving Quentin Tarantino and style it in one of our favorite design aesthetics, of course, the answer was YES. 

Today, we are proud to showcase the work with created in tandem with our awesome friends over at MST. The project collaboration involved us creating the graphic design in classic Miami Art Deco style, and MST bringing it to life with engaging frame-by-frame animation. We’re excited to present Movetic’s first ever full-length motion graphics project. Check out below as we introduce the project brief, explain the art direction, and show off some individual elements we developed for the project. 

Behind the Process: Art Direction Explained

The visual style is a combination of classic art deco aesthetics, Miami beach deco, and vintage VHS movie aesthetics. We used clean Art Deco line work to visually frame and organize the information while utilizing classic art deco font styles. We’re pairing this look and feel with collage-style elements inspired by vintage VHS movie covers, including duotone imagery, black and white grain, and faded beige background textures.

Final Result: Graphics & Animation in Motion

All in all, we are extremely thankful that we got an opportunity to work on this project with the two legends. We cannot thank the MST team enough for bringing us on and working as a team to make this great idea to come life. We hope you enjoy the feature full trailer below. 

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