We Won at the One Awards!

It was a ball cruising downtown last week to celebrate creative innovation. We got to spend quality time with our team and admire our peers' incredible contributions to the industry. Better yet, we went home with a couple of awards!

January 24, 2024

Company News

The 2023 One Awards

One Awards San Diego hosts a night to celebrate outstanding achievements in the arts. We got to gather at The Guild Hotel with designers, writers, and other creatives to celebrate talent and passion within our industry. It was incredible to get together as a team, bump into some old coworkers and friends, cheer on awesome work, and even bring home a couple of awards ourselves—keep scrolling to find out which ones. 

Lucky F*ck: Packaging

First off, we brought home a bronze award for the packaging we designed for Lucky F*ck. They partnered with us to create a brand from scratch that communicates their mission to create intentionally crafted, balanced energy drinks that empower people to keep going. We had a ton of fun designing packaging that stands out from the rest of the products in storefronts. The quality of packaging directly affects consumer perception of the quality of the product, and better visual perception leads to higher sales. The more eyes we can catch, the more cans will end up in consumer shopping carts!

We explored dozens of mockups and revved on several different ways to tell the story on the back of the cans, and had a blast naming each of the flavors. Our designers had a ton of fun bringing 3D icons to life for each flavor—ranging from a lucky cat to explosive berries. 

Lucky F*ck: Photography

We also were stoked to bring home a bronze for Lucky F*ck photography, an essential piece of launching the brand. Through 4 locations over 3 days spent around Los Angeles, our team captured images that reinforce the brand’s manifesto. Each photograph had a ton of personality, showcased various individuals, and invoked some laughs. We shot four inspirational characters that represent real people, all in different stages of life, who kept going to reach their own limitless potential.

Shout Out to Grizzly

There was one particular winning creative piece that moved us. In a video for a Chrome OS campaign, Grizzly interviewed an animation creator named Jorge R Gutierrez. It was so inspiring to hear about his lifelong passion for creativity and his excitement about how much easier it is for young people to get involved in animation these days than when he was a kid. 

Our favorite quote was “When I hear kids say ‘I’m not creative’ I think ‘yeah you are, you’re just not looking in. We’re all artists every day of our lives and we’re constantly creating, you just gotta look deep inside and use that to tell stories.” We’re not crying, you are. Shoutout to Grizzly for this moving campaign!

Thank You

It’s an honor to love the work we do and the people we do it with. Bringing home awards is just a cherry on top. It was great to get inspired by the work of the many talented creatives who submitted to the awards this year. Thank you to One Club San Diego for putting on such an amazing event! 

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